Welcome to A Place for Grief™


“I feel lost….I don’t want to burden my friends or family…Friends ask how they can help but I don’t know what to tell them…Sometimes I feel like I’m going crazy……People tell me I’m so strong but I don’t feel that way….I just want to feel normal again…Will I ever get over this?”

If any of these thoughts sound familiar, then I welcome you to A Place for Grief™. Located in Asheville, NC, I specialize in comprehensive holistic grief psychotherapy in-person and online for individuals, couples and families seeking ways to navigate pain brought about loss. A Place for Grief™ provides a safe sanctuary to explore your loss and one in which your grief can become a catalyst for healing, growth and transformation.

“I’m learning to embrace my grief instead of pushing it away…My grief has been a good teacher…My loss no longer defines who I am…I’m so  grateful to finally have a place for my grief.”

That which you seek is also seeking you. ~ Rumi



Individual Therapy

Whether you’re grieving the death related loss or the end of a relationship, dream or life stage, A Place for Grief™ provides safety, education and support through your journey. Read more…

Support Groups

One the great benefits of group work is undoing the aloneness people often experience in grief and for many years, a passion of mine has been to facilitate support groups to both ease isolation and gain resources to better cope with loss. Read more…

Couples Therapy

Whether you need support in conscious uncoupling, learning how to support one another following a death, loss of job or change in life circumstances, A Place for Grief™can help. Read more…

Family Therapy

Loss often causes the equilibrium of family systems to shift and feel out of balance. A Place for Grief™ provides whole family support for all impacted by this change. Read more…